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ESLIN™ High Performance Industrial Pipe and Board Insulation is made from Continuous Filament E-Glass Fibers which are transformed into a dense (12.5 pounds per cubic foot) uniform mat material through a mechanical needle punching process. It remains flexible, yet very durable. After needle matting, the material is formed into pipe and board insulation through a proprietary new (patent pending) manufacturing process. It is unique to the industry in that no organic chemical binders are used. It is available in a wide range of sizes. It is also available in basic mat form.

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Uses & Available Sizes

ESLIN™ E-glass Insulation is suitable for piping, vessels, tanks, ducts and equipment operating at temperatures up to 1400F (760C).
Preformed pipe sizes from 1/2” to 44” with insulation thicknesses from ¾” to 5” (20 to 125mm). Supplied in one meter (39.37”) lengths. Also furnished in board form in thickness from ¾” to 6” (20 to 150mm). Boards are supplied in 1 square meter panels (39.37” x 39.37”) and may be supplied preformed to the exact curvature of your particular exchanger, tank or vessel.

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High Strength: Because of its unique needle mat manufacturing process and resilient continuous fiber E-Glass, ESLIN™ offers high tensile strength, exhibits excellent handling properties during shipping and installation and can withstand the rigors of high vibration in use and can be reused after removal for equipment inspection.

Easy Application: The firm, high density structure of the material and its virtual indestructibility makes for a quick, labor saving installation (up to 60% less labor).

Inorganic Binders: Unlike other fiberglass products, ESLIN™ uses inorganic chemical binders, so there is no so-called “controlled decomposition” (gassing off) upon initial heat-up or during the lifetime of the insulation.

Unmatched Water Resistance: High water resistance provides superior protection against corrosion under insulation.

Low Chloride Content: Because ESLIN™ has one of the lowest chloride contents of any high temperature thermal insulation, it is ideal for use on austenitic stainless steel.

Excellent Thermal Performance: ESLIN™ E-glass can dramatically reduce heat loss (40% less compared to Calcium Silicate) in hot equipment and piping applications because of its exceptionally low thermal conductivity.